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im getting asked more and more in comments questions about the story plot for the art im getting. on DA I do have a folder that shows the art in order for events that happen. the story is still far from complete. but theirs a bit of art there some with short stories attached to the art…
Moved some Member submitted arts from the many Folders to the feature folder check them out :)

Art Trade for ChershireHatter by Aurora-Silver 81 by hardcrowmao Gift- Always Love You + TIMELAPSE by TanaeArt<da:thumb id="541451636"/>
Icon Comish - Don't Go Into The... by TwilightSaint Overpower (commission) by ThemeFinland Teymuraz (commission) by ThemeFinland Seaside by Demeritas
Gryphon by TheRafa Today will be a good day by Soltia Gryphon Graffiti by Ciameth

I am so glad i went to anthrocon i had soooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!

Im so happy that xehsaire talked me into going into the trip it was such an amazing experience i met soooo many people!!!! lost count after 30 people i hung out with i did my best to try and remember all the people!

I had so much fun running around with my partial (not finished) that i went and asked xesh if we could make a duct tape dummy at the con for a full suit and got that done :D

also duct tape is a nightmare to find in pittsburgh!

my room arrangements changed and still was with xesh but ended up with Fal and shu also in a new room and only one bed. that was so crazy i am getting an art of that done XD

when i first got to the con i was feeling odd when i got to the hotel seeing full suiters walking around it was strange but neat.

i was shy at first but that didn't last long as my room seemed to be one of the main gathering rooms for the large party i was in and people were all being friendly and being social and also winter showing off his bar-tending skills by making us all a drinks XD

but i was hungry and in luck Kit was there and got invited to tonics and soon followed by others in my group down to. that was really awesome meeting Kit getting to sit down with every from her group and my group and have food and drink

PS tonics food is crap but i forgive them because there drinks are ok and cheap

i got a little merry but was still ok after that we walked to the water's edge and around a bit and then we called it a night think it was midnight by then a lot of us tired from traveling

thursday started a little slow 

went with fal to the pool in the morning she swam i just went because the others were still sleeping and wanted company

after that we got in suits and walked to dunkins for breakfast this was my first time suiting what an experience i had so much fun getting to be blue and walking around in a town at first i felt weird but got more relaxed and enjoyed it as we walked around

after that we chilled and did our thing till registrations later and i got my anthrocon badge :) also next year i'm doing sponsors omg the lines lines everywhere! i also ran into hiro who saved my butt and brought me an extra scarf. i cant believe i forget a scarf!!!

we also wanted water and snacks so we hiked to the nearby CVS but on the journey it started to DOWNPOUR on us we got drench. but made it there got some umbrellas and snacks and water. on our way back i got to go to furnads the pizza place with everyone for the first time the food there was great! and i got myself also a dog bowl

then that night learned lauralien and her husband was in town and asked if they wanted to go eat and i was happy they said yes we went to tonics and got to meet also taldren also a very nice fellow :D

after food i forget sort of what happened afterwards no i didn't get drunk just so much happened think i explored and met people and hung with people by the water and then shower and bed around 1 am

friday was exciting today is first day official con starts went to opening ceremonies with my friends in suit and got to see uncle kaga for the first time . he is a real funny man :D after that got in line for my suit badge that was exciting getting to be a suitor to :D

(subway with friends happened here somewhere) don't remember it much

at this time i went to the zoo and met my noodle twin breezy but that was short as i ran out to go sit with kit and talk with her for a bit

t around 2 i went to the dealers den with friends but once in we all got separated walking in are own direction i walked around looked all all the neat stuff but most didn't interest me there but i did got to legions printing and got some art of blue made into badges for me can't believe i forgot to do badges to XD. soon i did find my group later and we went back to dealers den this time i walked around in suit since i seen it all i just followed them around not seeing well and must of appeared i was visiting all the naughty booths but honest i was just following them and you can really see images with through the fuzzy holes XD

but they did drag me to one booth that sold goggles and i was like TAKE MY MONEY and so now blue got his goggles for the con :D

later that evening i ran into lauralien and her group and we went to 2 rants thing. i found it not really funny but after words we did go and eat at tonics and kit came along again and we had another nice evening there eating and having drink.

later that evening i was following breezy around and we went to my room to chill and then Kit came in we had a real good talk about cons and life then me and kit walked to the panel whose line is it any way and that was a funny show and ran into lauralien and husby again

also for those who saw me up there I did have ideas to say but i was on the starting side and could not think of things right away

for the end world idea i wanted to say after he passed me
"ah crap im stuck in the bunker with all the foxes"

and for bad parent advice
"son this is not what i meant when i said bring home a hot fox......but does she have a sister'

then Skywize was sitting behind me and we got to be introduced. after the show we walked kit to where theirs a shuttle outside would take her to her hotel and i said my goodnights to skywize and kits

that was went to bed that night about 3 am

Saturday morning i went to breakfast with breezy and on the way we saw a macy's he knew i wanted a duct tape dummy so he was ok and we went in there to shop for a shirt and pants for the dummy. omg that macy's is a disaster to find anything XD but in the end got something

we headed out and had breakfast at Einsteins bagels. omg soooo good. i brought back xesh a sugar bagel

after food i believe me and breezy walked around town looking for another CVS to find more duct tape to buy we went to one that was a little farther than the one i went to on Thursday that had almost no duct but sadly this place also had not much and it was 5$ for 30ft :X me and breezy left

later I went to dealers den this time in suit since i seen everything the other day and followed my friends around it was fun. it was there i also met my friend izuxs for the first time and we got to chat and say hi even got photos. the only con photos of me and they came out really well :)

later i went with lunch with breezy for furnads for pizza. sooo good :D

i got an invite to go see floor wars with lauralien and that was a really fun show to watch i didn't agree alot with the judges though when it came to what side one. but it was still neat seeing all those dancers especially in suits

now it's getting late and it's time for uncle kaga story were i ran into laurlalien again. i waited in line with her and i brought FREE COOKIES to share with anyone.


omg its a like you furs do not like free cookies! so many thought i was trying to poison you XD

but beside barely any one wanting my free cookies uncle kaga story time was a blast loved his story :D

after that i left lauralien and asked around who is hungry sadly my friends all ate already and i didn't want to eat alone. i walked around for a bit not sure what to do and then learned some of my friends were going to the masquerade. so i went there but never found them but did find again lauralien XD we just can't stop running into each other XD

but the masquerade wasnt that good so we all left early lauralien went off her way and i was starving at this point near 10 pm and last meal 10 hours ago. i again tried to see if friends wanted food but no luck they were just chilling in places so i found some friends at the waterfront and chilled with them

it wasn't till midnight breezy saved the day and said i'll go to subway with and i said ya food with breezy! so we meet and walked in the middle of the night to subway..... were we pasted a drunk lady that thought i was a zebra

we nommed on are food and went back to the hotel were the girl saw me again and went ZEBRA ZEBRA! and she wanted her photo with me XD

i went back to breezy's room for a bit saw his roommates had a small drink then went to my room for sleep at 2 am

Sunday i woke and went off again with breezy for breakfast at Einstein bagels then went off to the dealers den with breezy or more so artist alley we walked for a bit but then he said he wanted to go to a panel his friend was hosting and we went off to the panel

im glad we went it was very interesting about science fiction writing enjoyed it a lot and meet someone named stickyseven after the panel breezy left and sticky ask if he could hang i said sure. we went off to artist alley again i didn't get a good look earlier and wanted to see what's changed for today

i ran into izuxs and me sticky seven and izxus talked told him how we are friends of a team speak chat and now sticky has joined to :) i walked more around the artist alley. and purchased a commission at artist alley i'm really excited for this piece it will be a story art of blue in the future :D should hopefully see it in august the artist said

after i paid i sort of forgot what i did for a while i think i chilled in the area that overlooked dealers den for a bit then went back to my room to rest for a bit

then it was time for closing ceremonies. meaning the end of the con :(
but still not end of the fun for the night :)

after the closing ceremonies Xeshaire and fal for about 2 hours worked to tape me up in duct tape that breezy saved the day and got for me me at a Walmart. so for 2 hours i was at the mercy of two giggling females........with a sharpy....... they drew things and i could not fight it XD

after the duct tape dummy was removed i offered to treat them at tonics for all the work they did we went down there around 9 and OH BOY did i drink that night 4 glasses of squicks most i drank all con and i was merry when i left

i was helped out and was saying, I love you and i love you your the best handler in the world XD a friend named elliot was helping me around and i was tease hitting on many people. there was one person i was tease hitting on that was hanging with us that was nervous and saying he was straight but after a bit to calm him down i told him im sorry im just teasing you i have a boyfriend i love and i never would not do anything i'm just having fun.

i think he was going to cry i think he was disappointed i was teasing him XD lol that little stinker was playing hard to get XD after a while of sitting at the waterfront with friends we headed back around 1 am and slept

the next day was a sad day knowing i have to go home. i gave hiro back his scarf and soon it was off for me and mel to be dropped off at the airport. winter drove us there. me and mel had time to have one last meal at the airport ourselves before the flight left i said farewell to him at his gate when he flew off

then i headed to wait at my gate as my flight didn't leave for hours but it was time evently for me to fly home :(

some other things that happened that i can't recall when

had a lovely sitting one night with lauralien and friends 

meet chromancer and friend

met a fur who earned a hug

made a girl cry because i would not give her a hug

and so much more that was too much for my brain to process

im so sorry i fi forgot your name i actualy do remember i took notes. but it took me like 3 days to write this journal and im tired and i just want to post it now with out filling in all the names. you all know where i meet you XD

over all i had a blast!!!! so much before my partial suit was even finished i asked xesh lets go for a full suit!

my energy of having so much fun rubbed off on yoga and when i talked to him at the airport on my trip home he said he will try to come next year all the way from the UK!!

and speaking of boyfriend thank you all for the wonderful greets were you said me and yogo are such a wonderful couple on FA that was so sweet of everyone to say!

i can't way for AC NEXT YEAR!
ill be gone for a week so any artist i will be slow with my replies for notes
Just want to give a thanks to all those here that has given support for :iconferals-and-anthros: 300 in 7 months is a big feat for groups starting out!

I hope one day we can make this group a super group to stand out against other groups. A friendly group for both Artist and the OC owner to submit and share vs groups that only let artist upload

OC owners have ownership also and that is this groups motto, not to shun or belittle and treat the OC owner with disrespect 

im starting to block users that just leave comments like, 



and they say nothing else. 

this especially holds true on more serious art that haves deep meaning to it and rich back story

some arts are not Cute or adorable. there is nothing cute or adorable on an art where is expressions emotions of torment, sadness, deep emotions, heavy burdens, angry.
a little something i been wanting to do for a while post my favorite gift i got and say something nice about the person that got me the gift :)

PS in no order at all and im sorry if i forget you on this list if you got me something, comment if i forget you

From :icongoldenemotions:
Harmony by GoldenEmotions
This was such a lovely surprise especially near my Birthday and she didnt even know it was  near it. great friends get do nice things because  we are friends :)
thank you golden you been a wonderful friend to have :)

From Dragonyogoloth of DA
[Gift] Pizza night! by Bluehasia
this little stinker has been a great friend to have and talk with enjoy are chats we have ^^

From :icondarziak:
GIFT - Dressing a Friend by Bluehasia
one of my longer known friends i have in the fandom. known my friend Dar for many years now one of my closet friends i have very sweet fellow and special to me :)

From :iconrastaban26:

Mature Content

The art of balance - extended by Rastaban26

This Above avg friend and artist. after only knowing him for a while added me into a art he did for my friend ryken  i was shocked by his generosity. rasta above avg kindness is overflowing and glad to have you as a friend rasta :)

From :iconkisacrescent:
Gift: Chibi Blue and Kisa by KisaCrescent
Another friend i ahve known for a long time now Kisa and I go way back from the good old days of istaria and me and her salmon colored dragon flew the world and slaughtered the blighted hopping for that zombie finger drop XD

From :iconshashycain:
Sleep My Brother by ShashyCain
A long time istaria friend of mine shashy is always fun and lively person. when she is around the party always come alive :)

from :iconkalithe:
LR: Hasia Blue by Kalithe
A real nice fellow i was in his stream and he gifted me this  nice icon. thanks :)

from :iconshartan:
Deal with one? Deal with Both! by Shartan
What can i say me and shar have known each other for a long time, so much i call her my sister. really enjoyed that week we got to hang out shar *hugs*

from :iconrufinator:
Gift: Blue Hasia by Rufinator
Another istaria friend. ruffinater has a big heart drawing gifts for poeple in are guild in istaria. thank you for the head shot :)

From :iconmrjaketackett:
Scarf trade [gift] by Bluehasia
this one was hard to choose jake has gotten me nice art he has drawn and nice art drawn by others but i went with this one just so much silly :)
thank you jake you been a great friend of mine and hope to enjoy many more visits in the future with you :)

From :iconkakiookami:
[Gift] Scarf Thief  [w] by Bluehasia
what can i say about kakiookami :) he is a real nice fellow with a heart of gold willing to help others when in need. always enjoy are chats I have with him when i get the chance to :)

From :iconblacku-draws:
[gift] devilishly handsome  [w] by Bluehasia
Noir-x is a real nice person I enjoy talking with. she is always pleasant to work with when getting art and look forward to being her friend for a long time :)

From :iconglowingspirit:
[gift] christmas gift from glowingspirit [w] by Bluehasia
Glowing spirit has been a joy to work with and also talk to about idle things. glowing has well a glow when i get to talk with her that always brightens my day :)

From :iconnatoli:
Blue Hasia Portrait by Natoli
Natoli has been  agreat friend along with rastaban. Her and rasta i look forward to getting to talk to them every day. Natoli is also not just a great artist but she has a wonderful singing voice that she shares with the world :)

From :iconcolbaltdragon333:
<da:thumb id="451402053"/>
what to say i didnt even know the fellow and one day this apeared in my message center here on DA.  since then gotten to know the cobalt and he has been a really swell person to know. :)

From :iconxeshaire:
[Gift] Embrace [w] by Bluehasia
Last but certianly not least
this was a hard one to choose Xeshaire over the years has gotten me a few gifts by her and made by others. but  I choose this one because it really is clsoe to me i was having a really bad month with work and xeshaire not only being there to talk with also drew me this. she knows i really like her dragon theriox  and it was jsut what i need how i was feeling a shoulder to lean on and cry
thank you xes you have been such a great friend and are friendship gets even stronger. i cant wait for July when we finally get to meet at anthro con :D!!!
please go fav both and comment on both!

both :iconm4wie: and :iconyamiyo:  did such a great job! so please go fav both submissions and comment for both to show support for the talented artist :D

:iconyamiyo:  Braiding time ( Collab) by Yamiyo

:iconm4wie:  Collab - Braiding time by M4WiE
Hey Everyone the founder (me) of :iconferals-and-anthros: is holding a raffle contests to win free steam games. Up to 8 people can win. There are a lot of games to pick from. Go check out the group and check their contest journal on how to enter.

Group home page link :iconferals-and-anthros:
Contest journal link: ferals-and-anthros.deviantart.…
love watching judge Judy and a case vs a horrible client and a graphic designer .  very satisfying case to see the annoying client get put in place on judge Judy


Help support a DA group I started by giving it a watch or become a member :ferals-and-anthros:
its nothing spectacular, still under construction but i hope it comes together nicely as a  group where OC owners and artist have a place to submit art and  enjoy other art from others OC

here is the group :iconferals-and-anthros:
I like to make a group that features Original characters of dragons gryphons and other creatures of the fur fandom. i have issues with submitting art work with alot of groups because well im not an artist and they don't believe in commissioners have any rights or ownership for the art we paid for and will not except  submissions from the owner of the OC

so if i were to make a group what would i call it

group theme would be A fur friendly social group were owners of the OC can submit and share the art they get with other people of the Fur fandom

my thought i have is
Dragon Gryphon and Furs OC
Furs OC
Furs coming together
Fur Friends meet
Under Construction!
In no order at all, but trying to keep it alphabetize  artist name and my favorite piece from them


Mature Content

Hasiastorm by Bluehasia
:iconm4wie: Lighting Strike by Bluehasia:iconkitsooki:

Mature Content

Dont Mess with Blue by Bluehasia
:iconyamiyo: Helpful Dragon by Bluehasia

Mature Content

[Gift] Falling with style [w] by Bluehasia
 :iconcolbaltdragon333: [Gift] Storm Riot by Bluehasia :iconaiyxz: Shush by Bluehasia:iconcittyy: farm cats [w] by Bluehasia
:icon1993mariola: Lazy Day on the farm [w] by Bluehasia:icongoldenemotions: It's WAR! by Bluehasia:iconenigmatic-ki: Storm Bringer by Bluehasia:iconxeshaire: At peace by your side by Bluehasia

:iconnatoli: [Gift] Smile [w] by Bluehasia :iconsunima: Blue Hasia by Bluehasia:icondae-thalin: Ya, I Feel Lucky by Bluehasia:iconsammy-harlan: : A new beginning by Bluehasia

:icontwilightsaint: Dress up [w] by Bluehasia :iconatropicus: Dragons Paradise by Bluehasia:iconbrightcat13527: Winter Crop [w] by Bluehasia:icongalefaux: Roar of Thunder [w] by Bluehasia

:iconglowingspirit: At a days end [w] by Bluehasia :iconacayth: Blue Hasia by Bluehasia:icongalidor-dragon: Splash by Bluehasia:iconoctober-owl: Ferals and Anthros Group Icon by Bluehasia

:iconqwertydragon: Confrontation by Bluehasia:iconaevix: Moods of Blue by Aevix:iconvolvokun:

Mature Content

Spring night trance by Bluehasia
:iconnordeva: Get that itch! by Bluehasia
:iconblacku-draws: Storm watchers [w] by Bluehasia:iconisvoc:

Mature Content

Blue Hasia Ref Sheet by Bluehasia

Mature Content

Dovahkiin Encounter [Contest prize 500 watchers] by Bluehasia
:iconmorisith: Stroll by Bluehasia
:iconlauralienart: CAUGHT! by Bluehasia :iconaguarush11:  On the Wings of Blue by Bluehasia :iconheeshdraggie:  Turn It Up Higher by Bluehasia :iconanimalartist16:   Blue Hasia by Bluehasia
Yosha Pierce the night by Bluehasia :iconsurrial: Feeling Good by Bluehasia:iconflashw: Devilish Handsome by Bluehasia:iconverlidaine: Uncertainty by Bluehasia
im really sorry!
WTF2PLZ by Bluehasia

well if you got a paid account here on DA you are able to use these to liven up your comments and replies

now i want more these are going to be fun!

help me come up with 25 more facial expresions different from the ones existing in the gallery already…

2.kitten eyes
9.confussed2 (tilted head)
16.Party time cool
18. wink
19. yawn
20. not amused 
im looking for a stamp that can say something like

i did not draw this 
im not an artist
this is my OC

what would i be able to do more that would be worth it as one who gets art.
I dont usually do raffle boosting but my friend doesnt have much watchers on FA and she does really great art all you got to do is watch her and comment on her journal and she will enter you into the raffle. she does great work i have ordered many times from her in the past. go check it out here…
I swear thats it on the uploads, i been wanting to do that for months now im caught up with art here on DA ^^
Thank you to all my friends that have been putting up the past few weeks with how i been emotionally. listening to me worry as i just kept talking about my cats health and the other things that been making me down. and especially for those that were around after the day of and after i had to put him down and even though we were not next to each other in real life. just having some one to talk to as i cried helped me alot.

thank you my friends. you know who you are who have been talking with me even if just a little over skype


Today I lost my Best friend in life, my companion of 15 years + some one who was always waiting at the door when i came home. who slept on my bed every night and curled next to my head. who would make sure i was never was alone every night. my roll around in the grass buddy...yes we did that. my protector who didn't care if he was smaller than strange dogs coming near he still get between me and the dog and hiss and snarl at the canine.

I miss you buddy i feel terrible for approving the shot. but it was the best choice. either we wait and you be in pain till finally your bad heart gave out or i be at your side and stroke your chin as you fall asleep for ever..

I hope in heaven there's plenty of mice for you to chase and lots of toys for you to play with as you wait for my turn to finally kick the bucket and i get reunited with my best bud in life

I love you kitty ill never forget you

link to image in my gallery of kitty…