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An Unlikely Encounter by Bluehasia An Unlikely Encounter by Bluehasia
An art i got with my Friend sideline he is a clockwork humanoid and he wanted to be in my story. we worked in ways that he could be added in :)

art by :iconi-eat-dogs:

original An Unlikely Encounter by i-eat-dogs

enjoy my terrible writing :X


[b]An Unlikely Encounter[/b]

[i]Alarm bells rang men shouted “the Lord is dead”, “Dragon” rang out from the shouting men Also. Storm didn't care the Lord laid motionless on the ground his torso bleeding out were his fangs punctured him in a death blowing bite.Guards came storming into the room.

“Fuck” Storm cursed and turn hightail for the balcony he entered in from. Arrows  whizzed by many snake there way into his soft flesh sending hot pain into his body. cursing himself he never saw the maid in the room that ran for the guards he was so focused if it wasnt for her he would of got away clean.

Storm took flight into the air guards everywhere took aim and let the arrows fly

“ROOOARRRRRRRR” Storm screamed out in pain dozens of arrows now stuck in him but within a few moment he was clear of the castle and the arrows flying at him fell to the earth, no wings of there own they could not pursue. Storm grinned feeling safe home free

The castle now a safe distance away, flying a few hours the sun is setting, storm thought to himself  how exhausted he is feeling. and tired. not knowing he has been raining his blood the whole time. the many arrows starting to take a toll on his body and loss of blood. his vision slowly failing him

Must keep going, storm thought to himself. Cant stop now must continue, but his body was  giving up. His wings started to feel like lead every beat was getting weaker and weaker. slowly Storm started losing altitude till he blacked and fell to the ground like a stone into the forest below.

Through the tree canopy Storm fell breaking branches as he fell. and the trees returning the favor to a wing. With a thud he came to a stop on the ground. Storm came to shortly after the pain woke him up. with a loud cry the young dragon sobbed out. His fierce nature and training  disappeared and the child he was came out.

“Mother” He whimper, not able to move every arrow in his body feeling like a red hot poker in his flesh, his wing throbbing in agony bleeding, a bone jutting out. “Mother” he cried out and fell down in defeat as his body had no strength to move.

Soon storm drifted off Crying thinking he is never going to see his mother again, and die alone here in the woods. The dragon laid there unconscious bleeding out till he was awoken from a sudden searing pain.

“RAWR!!!!!!” more of a scream Storm tried to get up but  legs still would not obey and it only gave him agony. confused  from waken  up sudden in a strange place trying to move but everything hurting. things started to come back how he crashed landed.

He looks back to where the searing fresh pain is on his forleg and sees a human. he blinks and without hesitation, reaches out and snapped at this human  holding a bloody arrow and bit down on his arm.

CRACK! Storm roared out in pain again as what he thought he would be biting into soft flesh and bont felt  harder than the iron armor knights wear,  blood flowed from his maw cursing he spat at this strange human his broken tooth and blood splattered him.

Storm growled at the strange man. “Get back Leave me Be!” Storm said  trying to scare him off not wanting to bite him again. his claws useless his legs full of too many arrows for strength to push him away.

“you know there is a nicer ways to say thank you to someone trying to help you out” The human said as he grabbed another arrow and yanked it out fast. “Thats for spitting on me my dragon friend”

Storm growled out as the rough pull burned with a fire, fresh blood oozing out of the wound.

“gah!”  Storm growled and stared at this human but confused, is he here really to help or does he have something else in mind.

“Calm yourself Dragon. im going to do my best to save your life. but i need you to stop moving.”

The human reached for my face, I growled and snarled as his hand approached but it went past my head and went for my mane, where i felt a pluck as he pulled a long hair out, he put the hair through a sewing needle i seen used back at the castle the taylors used.

“This will hurt my Dragon friend but i need to clean and close all the wounds by the arrows.”

*Storm just watched as he poured clear liquid on a cloth and rubbed it into the wound, I roared out again as it burned. but as much as i hated this he was right that smelled of alcohol and it is used to clean wounds. With the needle and using my mane as thread he sewed my the pierced flesh shut. it did feel better, the next few hours were pure agony as he would now gently pull an arrow rubbed in alcohol and closed the wound repeating this over a dozens of times.

BY now the moon was up and it dawned on me how has the human been able to see in the darkness like i can.

“your eyes are very adapted for darkness”  Storm said with a more relaxed tone now that all the arrows were out of his body.

“Not really my Dragon friend, but im able to see just enough. my eyes are not like a humans. i dont have  normal fleshy parts as you learned when you  tried to bite me “ he said with a cocky tone holding up a hand that was made of metal. “let me get a fire going you do need to stay warm and i forget about the chill of night for creatures”

“I will be fine” storm replied “my body temp is higher than  most creatures”

“I know of you dragons a bit met some here and there studied those willing to let me keep them company” he said as he gathered nearby fallen logs then bend them in half with ease to split them, a feat no normal human could do. but storm was not focused on at his superhuman strength something else about him he wanted to know

“You met other dragons” Storm asked

“Its not easy, you dragons like to stay in hiding these days but long ago dragons used to mingle with humans more, till humans started to kill them off and they went to hiding” sideline said as he got  a fire going now lighting up the patch of forest they were in, storm lowered his head thinking of his past how he was hatched into slavery by humans never knowing his real parents.

“Please tell me more of dragons you have met. What you know of dragons” storm asked

The non human got up satisfied the fire was going to burn now. “suraly you know of your kind?” He asked.

Storm just shook his head and frowned as more painful memories were brought up. “No I know only what i have learned from books. I was hatched into slavery to entertain humans”

“Whats your Name dragon, you can call me Sideline”

“Mother calls me Storm” Storm gave in reply

Sideline approached Storm and looked at his broken wing that he now wants to take care off. “Thats a nice name for a dragon, and Mother i thought you have not met another dragon?” Sideline said  as he looked closely at the bone that broke out of the wing. he went back to his bag gathering material to mend the broken bone.

“I live in a castle that is another 5 hours of flying from here, Mother is the Lord of the castle she found me when i was still very young and lost in the woods, she took me home and raised me up. taught me to read and speak. She is human, but she raises as her son, and calls me her son to.

“She sounds like a really wonderful person. not many are so kind to dragons.”

“i know this to well” storm replied heavy.”

Sideline looked at the wing “Ok Storm bear with me on this. i need to set your wing if you ever hope to fly straight. ”storm didn't say anything he knew this was going to hurt, there was no countdown, Storm saw flashes of white he roar out tail thrashed behind him as sideling grabbed the broken bone and put it in back in place. Storm whimper and growled as sideling put in straight branches and wrapped it up in cloth.

“Ok dont move that wing. its not the best splint but for now it will have to do till we can get you back home to mother.” Sideline said, Storm just kept his head lowered, his eyes closed, not moving he was breathing heavy, the pain was still  intense. Sideline looked over the dragons ravage body wondering  how all this happened to him.  why people were trying to kill him.

“Let me take this armor off you Storm” sideling said but storm did not hear a word he was so focused on his wing which throb in so much pain. no adrenaline rush this time to numb it for him. Sideline went to storms helmet unbuckling it taken it off then the armor down his neck. slowly storm breathing calmed down and he sat there letting sideline finish taking the rest of the heavy armor off, feeling good getting the unconformable plates off him.

The moon was starting to set Storm was fighting sleep now as he watched sideline play with his fang. “Got to sleep some time my Dragon friend”  sideline said with a smile as he played with storms fang that broke out at their first encounter.

“I am fine i can be up for days,”storm growled seeing him play with his fang, his maw still sore from that.

“Well i dont need sleep, so let's talk. how did you end up  here with so many arrows and a broken wing and in the that armor, never heard of a dragon wearing armor. Does mother know you are out?” sideline asked

“Mother was the one who sent me. I was sent to kill a captain from a military force that wants to see our lands burn.” storm  replied

“Thats not a  nice thing for a mother to send her child out like that.” sideline protested

“I am no mere human Child. I am a dragon!” Storm said annoyed” i will do anything for Mother. she saved me from being a wild beast. she showed me love, she didn't see a monster. while others would run away screaming or try to end my life. she song me lullabies. she trained me how to use magic how to fight, and i now fight for mother alongside her militia.”

Sideline added another log to the fire. he wanted to ask more questions but felt it annoy the dragon more. he was still just a child in a world of grownups. “Have you thought about your real Mother and Father?”

Storm ears perked down. “They are dead, A thief killed them in there sleep when he stole me as an egg selling me into slavery”

“how do you know this? a dragon is not an easy feat to kill. No i think your parents are still alive out there. I remember a story  from a village i came across many decades ago when i went there seeking for rumors of dragons. they told of a story of a dragon couple, they laid eggs. but one day the mother came done in a fury of rage looking for her stolen egg. weeks later the dragons left that region to live somewhere else further away from humans.”sideline said then looking at Storm” You know you be the right age for when the egg was stolen if it hatched around that time.”

Storm ears perked up “ You mean”storm filled with emotions” They might be my parents... they could still be alive? what did they look like?”

“The mother was a white dragon with red stripes,  big heavy build had horns, the father was a smaller dragon a midnight blue with dusty golden stripes. they had 3 other eggs i was told by the village that were still safe with them. you could have siblings to Storm.”

Storm smiled at the thought. his real parents could be alive and not dead like those circus people told him. Storm laid his head down and listen to sidelines stories till the sun started rising up. as the day broke. A sudden rumble of horses broke the air. Storm looked up growled wondering if the guards from the night before have finally caught up. horses came in  halting,  a female jumped down and rushed to storm and kneeled down at his head.

“My son” she picked his head up and  caressed it” i been so worried for you, I've found you you're going to be ok.” she rest his head on his lap, Storm started purring.

“Mother, my parents they might still be alive. I might have siblings” Mother looked confused at her son but  now Storm feeling safe he fell fast asleep.

sideline approach the female that now comforting the sleeping dragon. “You must be the mother he spoke so highly of.  you got a good kid there”

“Stranger, did you tend to my sons wounds.” mother asked

“I did. he was a stubborn at first bite me pretty hard to” sideline said cocky

Mother looked at the stranger. he did not seem human, she could not sense a life force that was of flesh and bones from him. “Thank you for saving his life.  please come back to my castle and lets get you cleaned up and resupplied”

Sideline agreed and the two talked  as her guards looked over as they waited for the dragon ge a few hours of sleep till they would start walking home. A long journey for those that can not fly.[/i]
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